Cookpad Rules on Handling Personal Information

Rimpei Iwata
Chief Executive Officer

Cookpad Inc.

By submitting the above inquiry, you are agreeing to the collection, storage, use, disclosure, and other handlings of your personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) as described below.

1. Purposes of Use for Personal Information, and voluntary provision of Personal Information
Cookpad Inc. (“we”,”us” or “our”) will use the Personal Information collected here for the following purposes:
<Inquiry regarding us or our services>
To respond to inquiries and suggestions regarding us and our services.
To set up appointments for interviews, conduct screenings, and contact prospective employees.
<Notification for events>
To provide event information and contact event attendees.
※Your provision of Personal Information is on a voluntary basis, however, please be advised that in the case you decide not to provide your Personal Information in whole or in part, the following situations may occur:
<Inquiry regarding us or our services>
We may not be able to respond to your inquiries and suggestions.
We may not be able to set up appointments for interviews, conduct screenings or contact prospective employees.
<Notification of events>
You may not be able to attend the events in question.
2. Disclosing, Editing, or Deleting Personal Information
All requests from you to disclose, amend, delete, notify purpose of use of, erase, or cease provision of such personal information (collectively, “Requests”) shall be responded to in accordance with our internal privacy policy without delay.
3. Protection of Personal Information
We will make efforts to implement and maintain safety measures against Personal Information leakage, loss, or damage, in accordance with our data protection management system.
4. Disclosure of Personal Information
We will not provide or disclose Personal Information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) to any third party for any other purpose than the purposes of use explicitly declared by us without your consent.
5. Personal Information Protection Officer and Inquiries
We appoint the following person as the personal information protection officer, and will strive to implement and maintain an appropriate data protection management system.
Any questions, suggestions, or Requests regarding our handling of Personal Information should be directed to the point of contact below.
Personal Information Protection Officer:
Legal Department
Cookpad Inc.
Yebisu Garden Place Tower 12F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-6012 Japan
+81 0800-888-5225
Operation hours: 10:00 ~18:00 JST (except New Year’s)