Lunch at Home! Mie Goreng

Lunch at Home! Mie Goreng

I wanted to have a different type of stir-fried noodle dish, so I made mie goreng.

Cook the vegetables quickly over medium-high heat. This'll give them a nice texture.
You can put more red chili peppers and gochujang in if you'd like! Recipe by Kotoaji


2 servings Chinese-style noodles
80 grams Sliced pork belly
4 leaves Cabbage
1 Green pepper
1/2 Onion
2 Eggs
1 clove Garlic
3 pinch Red chili peppers (sliced into rounds)


2 tbsp ♦Sake
1 tbsp ♦Ketchup
1/2 tbsp ♦Oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp ♦ Fish sauce
2 tsp ♦Gochujang
1 tbsp Water
1/2 tbsp Vegetable oil


  1. 1
    Heat up a good amount of oil in a pan and make fried eggs. When the edges of the egg whites turn golden brown, they are done! Use the same pan for the following steps.
  2. 2
    Cut the pork into 3 cm pieces. Cut the cabbage into bite-size pieces. Thinly slice the onion and cut the green pepper diagonally into thin strips. Mince the garlic.
  3. 3
    Turn on the heat and cook the garlic and red chili peppers. Add the pork and cook over medium-high heat. Once the pork is cooked, add the cabbage, green peppers, onion.
  4. 4
    Add the noodles and cook for a few minutes. Add the water and steam.
  5. 5
    Once the water has evaporated, add the ♦ marked ingredients and combine. Once fragrant, turn off the heat.
  6. 6
    Plate the noodles and top with the fried eggs!

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