Thandai Kulfi

Who doesn't love frozen desserts? Thandai Kulfi is a creamy concoction that has delicate fragrance and taste of traditional thandai and it's frozen!

Kulfi is the desi version to western ice cream and gelatos. With Holi festival around the corner, I decided to make this Kulfi using the Thandai Masala.

As you all know thandai is a very rich and tasty drink made with milk, various nuts, poppy seeds and spices. Thandai is significantly prepared for holi festival and mahashivratri.

Thandai Kulfi is almost similar to the Kesar Badam Kulfi with a slight twist.

It’s so creamy and so yummy, you would not want to miss out on this one! If you’re planing to host a dinner party or Holi party at home and don’t have the time to prepare a fancy dessert, then this should be your go-to recipe.This recipe is surely gonna impress your family and friends!


30 Minutes


4 Kulfis
  1. For Thandai Masala:
  2. 1/4 cup almonds
  3. 1/4 cup cashew
  4. 1 tbsp fennel seeds
  5. 1 tbsp poppy seeds
  6. 1 tbsp dry rose petals
  7. 1 tsp peppercorns
  8. 5 green cardamom
  9. Pinch saffron strands
  10. For Making Kulfi:
  11. 3 cups full fat milk
  12. 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
  13. 1/4 cup organic sugar
  14. 4 tbsp thandai masala powder
  15. 2 tbsp chopped nuts
  16. 1 tbsp corn flour


  1. Grind all the ingredients under thandai masala to smooth powder.

  2. Bring to 3/4 cup of milk to boil and simmer for 15 mins. Then add sugar, condensed milk and continue to stir for another 5 mins.

  3. Then mix 1/4 cup milk with cornflour and make sure there is no lump. Add it to the boiling milk and keep stirring on low heat.

  4. After 5 mins add thandai masala and chopped nuts and simmer for 5 mins. Once it turns thick pouring consistency, switch off the stove and allow it to cool

  5. Finally the pour it into a Kulfi mold and freeze overnight. Serve with some extra chopped nuts and enjoy!

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