Vazhakkai bajji (Raw banana bajji)

Vazhakkai bajji (Raw banana bajji)

Bajji is a quick to make evening snack which tastes best when hot. It is prepared with left over dosa batter and besan flour.

Meenakshy Ramachandran


  1. 1 banana Raw (long pieces)
  2. 1 Cup dosa batter Left over
  3. 2/3 Cup Besan flour
  4. 2 Tablespoons Red chilli powder
  5. to taste Salt


20 mins
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    Add besan flour and red chilli powder to the dosa batter and mix well.

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    Add water to it so that it matches dosa batter consistency. The dosa batter would have salt in it. You may add a little salt extra if required.

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    Cut the banana into long pieces. Cook the banana pieces in a little water in a pan.

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    Preheat oil in a pan. When the oil is hot enough, dip the cooked banana pieces in the batter and slowly slide into the pan of oil one by one and fry till golden brown.

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    Drain the excess oil by using a ladle with holes to take out the bajjis from the oil. Serve with chutney or sauce.

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