Wheat Nankatai

Wheat Nankatai

Am really into baking mood these days and yesterday tried baking Wheat Nankatai (indian cookies) and as I write this post I am biting into the last nankatai that I baked yesterday. Nankatai are usually made with all purpose flour but I tried baking them with wheat flour which gives them a crumbly and melt in mouth texture. The combination with wheat flour and semolina is a healthier option too. These should be baked only until the edges begin to brown. This will keep the outside crisp with a soft interior. These are delicious warm or at room temperature.
Kids will love this snack in their lunch box.

Soni Khadilkar


  1. 1 ¼ Cups whole wheat flour
  2. ½ Cup Semolina (rava)
  3. 1 Cup ghee ( you may add more if the dough beomes d
  4. ½ Cup sugar powdered
  5. baking soda a pinchof


60 mins
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    Preheat oven to 150°C. Sift together atta,rava and baking soda. Cream ghee and powdered sugar with a spoon. Add the dry ingredients to make a dough.

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    Keep this dough to rest in a cool place for 1hr Make small balls of the dough and flatten them. Arrange on a greased baking cookie tray and bake for 20 minutes or till the nankhatai turns golden. Yields: 12 nankatai

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    Note: The unit of measurement used for this recipe is the katori(Steel one) which yeilds 12 nankatai's If you use the standard baking cup as a unit of measurement it yeilds 20-25 nankatai's according to the size of the balls

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