Beetroot soup with horseradish cream

Beetroot soup with horseradish cream

A truly fine soup! The taste of beetroot is perfectly complemented by horseradish cream, apple and potato. The soup is extraordinary, yet well-balanced in taste.Makes 1.2 l soup, which is sufficient as a starter for about 4 people.

Marek Thi


  1. 1 Onion
  2. 600 Grams Beetroot
  3. 2 Potatoes
  4. 600 Millilitres Vegetable stock
  5. 1 Apple
  6. 200 Millilitres Cream
  7. 2 Tablespoons Horseradish
  8. 1 Pinch Salt
  9. 1 Pinch Pepper
  10. 1 Teaspoon Agave Syrup
  11. 0.5 Cup Chive


15 mins
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    Dice onion and simmer in butter in a pot. Peel beetroot, dice and add to onions. Peel and dice potatoes and add them.

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    Add 600 ml vegetable stock, boil up and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

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    Decore apple, dice and add to soup. Cook until all ingredients are soft, then purée finely.

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    Add 100 ml cream and season to taste with 2-3 tbsp horseradish, salt, pepper and agave syrup.

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    Whip 100 ml cream and season with horseradish and pepper. Put a dollop of cream onto the soup on each plate and garnish with finely chopped chives rings.

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    Serve with bread, e.g. baguette and, if desired, walnut butter.Walnut butter: Grind 250 g walnuts and mix with 250 g soft butter. Season to taste with 5 tbsp yeast flakes and herb salt.

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