Almond Fudge

Almond Fudge

Extremely sinful yet bewitchingly luscious fudge for your sweet tooth !Pls do not add any food colour or essence lest the fudge'd lose its original yummy colour and almond flavour !

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  1. 2 Cups Almonds ( heaped)
  2. 400 Grams Butter ( unsalted)
  3. 2 Cups Milk
  4. 4 Cups Sugar ( white)


30 mins
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    Soak the almonds in water for 2 hours and drain off water.Immediately pour boiling water over them and wait for a couple of minutes.. Now blanch(remove the skin) them.

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    Grind the almonds using milk to a coarse paste.

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    Put all the ingredients into a thick bottomed non stick vessel and bring to boil stirring without break.. (we dont want high temp: and let it burn at the bottom..As well we want a creamy coloured fudge without any brown spots to spoil its appearance.So use medium flame and keep stirring)

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    Keep stirring and cooking the mixture till soft ball stage(the stage at which a drop of fudge tipped into a small dish of cold tap water,will not spread and can be rolled into a smooth ball between your fingers.)

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    Tips:-The whole cooking will take about 30-40 mnts..At this stage(soft ball stage) the mixture will start losing its gloss and shrink away from the sides of the nonstick pan..

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    Transfer to a large greased shallow dish..let cool, set partly and then mark into squares or any other shapes.When completely cool break apart into pieces and store in airtight container.

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