Rum Balls

Rum Balls

These delicious rum balls are very easy to make and make the perfect gifts. For an alcohol free version, just substitute the rum with equal quantities of black coffee or drinking chocolate



  1. 220 Grams Chocolate cake Brownie /
  2. 1/3 Cup Rum (preferably dark rum)
  3. 60 Grams Dark Chocolate
  4. 60 Grams Chocolate White


30 mins
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    Line a tray with cling film or butter paper

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    Crumble the brownie (or chocolate cake) and mix with the rum till it resembles a chocolate paste

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    Scoop the mixture and roll into small 1 inch balls and place on the plastic lined tray

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    Cover the tray with cling film and keep it in the freezer for about 20 minutes for the balls to firm up.

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    Once the chocolate balls have firmed up, roll between your palms to make it into smooth balls. Cover the tray and keep it back in the freezer till the chocolate coating is ready

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    Chop or grate 40 grams each of the white and dark chocolate and place into 2 microwave safe bowls

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    Place the bowls (one at a time) in the microwave and heat on high in bursts of 30 seconds till the chocolate has melted. Once the chocolate has melted, add the remaining 20 grams of each dark and white chocolate into the respective bowls and stir to ensure that its all melted

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    Dip the rum balls in either the melted white or dark chocolate and place on a plastic lined tray

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    After coating all the rum balls with white or dark chocolate place the tray in the fridge for the chocolate to harden. Once the chocolate has hardened, drizzle the remaining melted chocolate over the rum balls

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    Store in the fridge

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