Puttu - Steamed Rice Cake

Puttu - Steamed Rice Cake

The Most preferred breakfast item for Keralites. Puttu goes well with Kadala (Brown chickpea)/ Cherupayar (Green gram)/ Egg/ Chicken/ Beef curry or any stew or ghee-sugar-banana or pappadam. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puttu

Lakshmi Jayakumar


  1. 2 Puttu podi (Rice flour)
  2. ½ Cup Coconut Grated
  3. Salt
  4. Water


30 mins
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    Add a pinch of salt to the Puttu podi and mix well.

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    Add water little by little to this and mix well till the powder becomes wet. It should not change to dough. It should either resemble bread crumbs or when you clasp a handful of flour and leave it, it should not break. Make sure there are no lumps. Leave this for 10 mins.

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    To fill Puttu-kutti (Mould/Maker), first put 1-2 tsp of grated coconut. Then add 2 handful of puttu flour and again add 1-2 tsp coconut and continue to make layers till the mould is full. Make sure the last layer is of grated coconut. Cover the mould with the lid.

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    Fill water in Puttu-kodam (Pot). Place Puttu-kutti on top of Puttu-kodam. Keep it on high-flame.

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    Within 3-4 minutes, the steam starts escaping from the holes on top of the puttu-kutti. Reduce the flame and leave for 6-7 mins.

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    Serve hot.

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