An astoundingly simple drink that's not only fresh out of the kitchen but is also an alternative to throwing away a by-product.

Kavita Srinivasan


  1. ½ Cup Jaggery Water (filtrate)
  2. 30 Millilitres Gin
  3. Water (as required)


5 mins
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    Just pour the gin in a serving glass. (You can try white rum and vodka also)

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    Add the jaggery filtrate. (If you don't have the jaggery water already, follow step 3 else jump to 4)

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    Immerse jaggery in water for a while and take out the jaggery pieces. You will be left with a sweetened, brown liquid. This is the jaggery filtrate.

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    Dilute it with water.

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    Jaggergin is ready!

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    Taste will be intense if the jaggery water is concentrated but you can moderate the drink with water.

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