Arachu Kalakki

Arachu Kalakki

Arachu Kalakki is a red chutney which is the side dish for idiyappam, adai and kozhukattai. Arachu Kalakki means grinded and mixed.

Meenakshy Ramachandran


  1. 1 Cup Coconut (grated)
  2. 4 chillies Red
  3. 1 Teaspoon Mustard seeds
  4. 1 Teaspoon Tamarind
  5. Oil
  6. Salt


15 mins
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    Grind grated coconut, roasted red chillies and salt alongwith water in a mixer grinder. When the mixture is coarse, add tamarind and grind it to a smooth consistency.

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    Heat a little oil in a pan. When the oil is hot, crackle mustard seeds and red chillies. Add it to the chutney and mix well.

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