Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Frosting

This is very easy to make and it has a deep dark brown colour. It is like a paste, so its very easy to spread on cakes and good for piping too.

Nimmy Raghu


  1. 115 Grams Dark Chocolate
  2. 60 Grams Unsalted Butter
  3. 1 Cup Sugar Icing sugar Powdered /
  4. 6 Tablespoons Yogurt Hung


10 mins
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    Melt dark chocolate and butter in a microwave - Micro mode - power High for 1 minute. Mix well till it becomes smooth with no lumps.

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    Now add powdered sugar and mix well. Next, add the hung curd/Yogurt into it and mix well.

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    Let it cool. Now, it is ready to be spread on cakes or for piping designs on the cakes.

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