Rummy Sponge N Fruits in Lemon cream

Rummy Sponge N Fruits in Lemon cream

A luscious dessert that can be whipped up easily since most of the ingredients used are available in the market. Here we are using them directly. No cooking and baking needed. Its a sophisticated dessert for a dinner party. Since there are three layers, each scoop will be enough for a single serving!

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  1. 1 Kilogram sponge cake
  2. 1 large tin cocktail fruits
  3. 2 tins Milkmaid condensed milk
  4. 1 pack cream Amul tetra
  5. 4 lemons juice of
  6. 1 Tablespoon Rum brandy or
  7. 1 Cup milk warm plain


40 mins
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    Slice the large sponge cake horizontally into two or into sizes suitable enough to lay at the bottom of a large pudding dish. Sprinkle with rum or brandy and then the milk to soak the sponge.

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    Drain the fruits in the tin. Discard the syrup. Slice the fruits if they are in chunks.

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    Spread them over the soaked sponge. Place the dish in the fridge till you whip up the lemon cream.

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    For the lemon cream:-Before we start whipping up the cream please chill the bowl and the beaters to be used in the freezer for some time. As well, the condensed milk tins and the cream. But do not let them get frozen. This is very important.

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    Now take the bowl and pour the cream into it. Beat well till the cream begins to thicken and add the condensed milk followed by the juice of four lemons.

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    As you add the lemon juice you can see the cream thickening well and forming soft peaks. Now stop beating.

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    Pour this delicious cream over the fruit layer of the pudding. Chill well again and serve.

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    TIPS: Its important to add the juice of all four lemons to get the expected consistency for the cream. Brandy or rum is optional.. but will definitely render the pudding a zest!

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    Enjoy to your heart's content!

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