Smoothie Fruity Pops

Smoothie Fruity Pops

The goodness of a juice and a smoothie in an ice cube.

Sanaa A'esha


  1. Juice of your choice
  2. Smoothie of your choice
  3. Coconut milk (optional)


20 mins
  1. Simply add a layer of juice. Wait for it to set in the freezer.

  2. Meanwhile make a smoothie of your choice. Or just pour coconut milk (which is nice for the creaminess and for how pretty it looks in white) to ice cube trays.

  3. Smoothie tip: You can add veggies like carrots and beets or nuts to sneak the good stuff in for your kids.

  4. Some tried and tested combos: - strawberry / beetroot - mango / orange - lime + mint / cucumber - cranberry / banana

  5. You can drop a few cubes into a glass of soda when you walk in home after hours in the heat.

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