Walnut Cream Caramel Dessert

Walnut Cream Caramel Dessert

This is a yummilicious dessert to end a perfect meal with a wonderful blend of cream, caramel, chocolate and walnuts. I had this dessert at my lovely mother-in-law's lovely cousin's lovely home.. I love this dessert and can have it any time of the day :) Give it a try and I am sure you will love it too!!!

Noor Nazar


  1. 2 Cups Whipping Cream
  2. 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
  3. 2 Creme Caramel Powder
  4. 250 Millilitres Cream Thick
  5. 180 Grams Condensed Milk
  6. 1 Cup Walnuts , ground
  7. 5 Tablespoons Nutella
  8. 1 Pineapple Canned
  9. 24 Biscuits Glucose
  10. 5 Tablespoons Milk
  11. Nuts Caramelized


30 mins
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    Beat whipping cream till soft peaks are formed.

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    Add vanilla essence and Add Crème caramel powder (do not use the caramel liquid but only the caramel powder from the pack) and beat again.

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    Add thick cream, condensed milk and beat again.

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    Add walnuts and nutella and beat till all the contents are fully blended well.

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    Take the pineapple from tin and cut into small pieces. Pour the syrup in a bowl and mix 5 tbsps of milk in it. Dip the biscuits in the syrup-milk mixture and layer the pudding bowl.

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    Layer the pudding bowl with the dipped biscuits. Add pineapple as the second layer Pour half of the pudding batter. Layer it with the dipped biscuits again Top the biscuits with pineapple chunks. Pour the remaining pudding batter over it.

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    Refrigerate for a few hours for the pudding to set.

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    Garnish with caramelized nuts before serving.

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