Wonder Choco Balls

Wonder Choco Balls

Easy and quick. These choco balls are made with just 4 ingredients, easily available in your kitchen pantry.

Nimmy Raghu


  1. 10 Arrowroot Biscuits
  2. 3 Tablespoons Cocoa powder
  3. 3 Tablespoons Condensed milk
  4. Nuts , of your choice


20 mins
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    Put the arrowroot biscuits in a blender and grind it into a fine powder. Transfer it into a bowl and add drinking chocolate powder.

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    Mix well. Now add milkmaid (as required) just enough to roll them into balls. Take a small quantity, stuff it with the nuts in the middle (as required) and roll it into a ball.

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    Do the same procedure with the rest of the mixture. Place these wonder choco balls in the fridge for about 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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    Enjoy these wonders !!!!

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