Bread Cups

Bread Cups

A neat idea for starters when you are running out of time or just stuck with way too much bread.

Sanaa A'esha


  1. Bread slices
  2. Filling of your choice


20 mins
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    Remove the crust from all the slices

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    Roll the bread slices flat with a rolling pin.

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    Make 4 small cuts on each side of the bread.

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    Butter both sides of the bread and press them into the greased tart shells.

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    Trim the edges with scissors or go for the rustic look. Really, it doesn't matter.

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    Sprinkle a little salt and dried parsley. Bake them at 190 C for 10 mins or till they are crispy. Set aside.

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    Make a filing of your choice. Top it off with some cheese. And bake again till the cheese has melted.

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    I have tried this with a spicy prawn tomato filling, and a red cabbage, feta cheese filling. They come out great!

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