Fish stuffed Pathal

Fish stuffed Pathal

I used to have fish pathal bought from the bakeries in Malabar. But recently I had this in an iftar party, which was made by my friend's mom, after all homemade is homemade and it was very delicious and flavourful. Yes of course, its oily but you can have it once in a while.



  1. 2 Cups Water Hot Boiled
  2. 2 Cups Rice Flour Roasted (Puttu Podi)
  3. 2 Tablespoons cocunut
  4. 4 Shallots
  5. 1 Teaspoon fennel seed
  6. 300 Grams Fish of your choice
  7. 2 Onion
  8. 2 Teaspoons Ginger Garlice Paste n
  9. 2 Green Chillies crushed
  10. 1 Teaspoon Garam Masala
  11. 1 Bunch Coriander leaves
  12. 3 Teaspoons Redchilli
  13. 1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric
  14. 1 Teaspoon salt


50 mins
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    For making the dough; grind coconut, fennel seed and shallots. Just whip it without adding water.

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    Boil the water and pour into the rice flour.stir with a spoon until everything is well combined.when the heat is medium add salt,the grinded mixture and knead with your hand to make the dough soft.

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    For filling; marinate the fish with the above ingredients for 15 mins and fry it.Remove the bone out of the fish,shred into small pieces and keep it aside.

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    Heat oil and put fennel seeds once its pops add onion and garam masala.Add ginger garlic paste and crushed green chillies when the onion turns translucent.

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    To this add the shredded fried fish and coriander leaves. Sauté well, lid on and simmer for 5 mins.That is the filling to be stuffed.

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    Make lemon size balls with the dough.In a plastic sheet spread little oil,place a ball press to make a disc apply little oil and over that place another plastic sheet.Now roll them into thin medium size circle.

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    In one fill in the stuffing and then close with another circled roti.Combine the edges well.

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    Now fry them in oil till it turns brown. Take them out into a tissue paper and drain excess oil.

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