All in a pan Chicken Alfredo Pasta

All in a pan Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Just throw everything into one pan. You will never eat this out again

Anju Purushot


  1. 7 Tablespoons cream cheese
  2. 5 Cloves garlic , crushed
  3. 400 Grams chicken breast diced
  4. 1 Cup milk
  5. 50 Grams butter
  6. 150 Grams Pasta of your choice


20 mins
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    Heat the butter in large enough pan

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    Add the diced chicken and saute until the sides are cooked

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    Add the garlic, cream cheese and mix well

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    Pour the milk and mix well until the whole mixture is well stirred through

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    Add the pasta, washed.

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    Cover and cook for 15 minutes, until the pasta is al dente

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    Season with salt and pepper as needed and serve

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