Caribbean Cocoa Tea

Caribbean Cocoa Tea

This is not hot chocolate, it is similar but infinitely better. However, I feel it could be an acquired taste too. A breakfast staple in this part of the world, it the freshness of the ingredients that adds to its taste. Try it, you wont be disappointed

Ninitha Koya


  1. 1/2 Cup Cocoa , grated (from a cocoa stick)
  2. 2 Cups Water
  3. 1 Cup Milk Evaporated
  4. 1/4 Cup Condensed Milk
  5. 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  6. 1 Bay Leaf
  7. 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder
  8. 1 Pinch Nutmeg
  9. 1 Tablespoon Corn Flour


15 mins
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    In a saucepan, bring to boil the water with cinnamon and bay leaf. Boil until the flavours have infused into the water.

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    Add the grated cocoa stick to the water. Continue to boil it for another 5-8 minutes.

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    Now add the evaporated and the condensed milk. Let it simmer

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    While it is simmering, mix the corn flour with some water and add it to the mixture simmering away. Continue to stir as you add the corn flour to prevent any lumps from forming. This is to thicken the tea

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    Add the vanilla extract.

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    Strain the mixture and serve with a blob of whipped cream. This is not so much a tea in the traditional sense. Here is where it bends towards being more of a hot chocolate than tea.

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