Chickpea Bread

Chickpea Bread

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  1. 50 Grams Chickpea water , soaked in overnight
  2. 200 Grams All purpose flour
  3. 6 Grams Salt
  4. 10 Grams Sugar
  5. 6.25 Grams Yeast
  6. 10 Grams Margarine
  7. 130 Millilitres Water
  8. 5 Grams Gluten
  9. 20 Millilitres Water Whey


120 mins
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    Sieve flour and gluten together and keep aside.

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    Combine sugar, yeast and water and add to the flour-gluten mix. Add in the salt and mix until well combined.

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    Stir in the margarine and whey water until smooth.

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    Cook the chickpeas with salt, pepper and Garam masala. Once done, add it to the dough and knead until gluten is formed. Keep it aside for 10 minutes.

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    Deflate the dough and place it in a bread mould and let it proof for an hour.

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    Bake it at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

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