Nutty Spicy Milk

Nutty Spicy Milk

Flavoursome drink!



  1. 2 Cups Milk
  2. 6 Almond
  3. 1 Pinch Saffron
  4. 2 Tablespoons Sugar Palm Sugar /
  5. & 2 Clove Cinnamon Cardamom , (each)
  6. 2 Pinchs Pepper Powder (optional)
  7. To Taste Pista (optional)


15 mins
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    Soak saffron in lukewarm milk and almonds in hot water for 15 minutes. Peel the almond skins and grind it with little milk / water.

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    Boil the milk with all spices and add ground paste. Add soaked saffron milk and boil it for 5 minutes in low flame. At last add sugar / palm sugar, pepper powder and boil it for a minute.

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    Sprinkle the almond and pista pieces and enjoy the warm milk!!

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