Pan Grilled Beef Steak with Sage leaves

Pan Grilled Beef Steak with Sage leaves

This is a simple dish with less ingredients. The aroma and flavour of sage leaves makes the steak mouth - watering.



  1. 2 Beef Steak Slices
  2. 4 Teaspoons Lime , juiced
  3. 4 Teaspoons Black Pepper
  4. 12 Sage Leaves
  5. 2 Teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
  6. 4 Teaspoons Red Wine
  7. 2 Teaspoons Butter
  8. 2 Tablespoons Sunflower Oil
  9. To Taste Salt


20 mins
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    Press the beef steak slice with your fist. Drizzle on one side salt and 1 tsp of pepper and press the beef slice with your fist to ensure that the pepper and salt infuse into beef.

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    Repeat step 1 for each side of beef. Heat the grill pan and put butter and oil so that the butter won't get burnt. Now place the beef slices on the pan. Place the sage leaves all around the pan for the flavour and aroma to infuse with the oil.

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    Pick up the sage leaves in less than 2 minutes from the pan and keep it aside for garnishing. Now pour 1 tsp of lime juice on top of the beef. Then turn over the slices and do the same.

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    After 3 minutes, pour 1 tsp each of Worcestershire sauce on top of the beef. Turn over and do the same. When the beef is almost cooked pour 1 tsp of wine on top of each beef slice and turn over and do the same.

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    Transfer it to a dish and garnish it with lemon and sage leaves.

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