Khubba Parantha

Khubba Parantha

Typical Punjabi style paratha..

Brijdeep Kaur


  1. 2 cups Whole wheat flour
  2. 4 tablespoons Milk
  3. 2 tablespoons Ghee butter / oil /
  4. as required Water
  5. as required / Butterghee (for frying)
  6. to taste Salt (optional)


20 mins
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    Take the flour in a bowl and add the milk to it. Mix well. Add the ghee/oil/butter to the flour. Mix well. It should be crumbled.

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    Now adding little water at a time, knead the dough. The dough must NOT be sticky at all. It must be prepared with minimum water so that it remains soft.

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    Cover and keep the prepared dough for 10 minutes.

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    Make balls from the dough (as you would for chappatis), only you take a little bigger ball. Flatten it just like a roti. Try not to turn it while flattening. Make slashes on the roti with a knife on both sides.

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    Add this roti to the pan on medium heat. Don't turn too often, but be watchful so it doesn't burn. Turn and let it cook completely as a roti would.

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    Fry this in ghee/butter as you would a normal paratha, cooking well from both sides. Insert ghee on the insides of roti regularly while cooking. Do this for both sides. Remove from flame, add some butter on the top and serve hot.

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