Quinoa Lunch

Quinoa Lunch

A quick, easy and delicious way to cover 4 lunch meals in 45 minutes. Stay productive, eat well.

Kavita Srinivasan


  1. 4 cups Quinoa
  2. 2 numbers capsicum Red
  3. 6 numbers Mushroom
  4. 4 numbers Carrots
  5. 2 cups Beans Baked
  6. 3 tablespoons Olive oil
  7. 1 number Lemon


45 mins
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    Clean the quinoa and let it boil in 5 cups of water.

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    If you have never cooked quinoa before, once the water starts boiling, simmer the heat and let the quinoa cook covered for 10 minutes.

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    Meanwhile, cut the mushrooms and the capsicums; grate the carrots.

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    Saute the vegetables except the carrots in olive oil.

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    Once everything is cooked, let all the ingredients cool down.

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    Put the sauteed vegetables, cooked quinoa and the grated carrots in separate containers; cover the containers with cling wraps and keep it in the refrigerator.

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    When you are hungry, take all the stored items out.

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    In a plate or a tupperware, put some quinoa first.

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    Top the quinoa with baked beans, followed by the sauteed vegetables and carrots.

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    Put a few teaspoons of olive oil and then add all the spices that you would like. I prefer cayane pepper, salt and some mustard sauce.

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    Squeeze in some lemon on top.

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    Your delicious everyday, efficient lunch is ready in less than 3 minutes.

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