A spicy Indian twist to the classic Italian dessert.

Arun Subramanian


  1. 5 numbers Egg yolks
  2. 350 grams cream Double
  3. 1 cup Water
  4. 2 teaspoons Ginger (grated)
  5. 4 pods cardamom Green
  6. 120 grams Sugar
  7. 30 grams Flour
  8. 2 cups Water
  9. 2 teaspoons Tea leaves / powder (strong)
  10. 3 pods cardamom Green
  11. 2 Cloves pieces
  12. 1 inch Cinnamon piece
  13. 1 pinch Nutmeg (grated)
  14. 50 grams Sugar
  15. 1/2 cup Dark rum
  16. 1/2 cup chocolate White shavings
  17. 1/2 cup Dark chocolate shavings
  18. 10 numbers raspberries Fresh (optional)
  19. 1 mint Fresh (optional)
  20. 1 pack Lady fingers (the crispy kind)


1440 mins
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    Boil 250gms of the cream, water, ginger, cardamom pods and 85gms of the sugar

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    In a pan, whisk egg yolks, the remaining sugar, the remaining cream and flour until well incorporated with no lumps

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    Add hot cream mixture little by little to the egg while whisking continuously

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    Boil this solution on low heat stirring continuously

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    Once thickened, sieve custard, wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours

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    For soaking solution, take all except rum in a pan and boil for 2-3 mins

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    Sieve, cool and stir in rum

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    Arrange alternate layers of soaked biscuits and custard and refrigerate overnight

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    Garnish with chocolate shavings, raspberries and mint

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