No-Bake Pineapple Biscuit Pudding- Always steals the limelight!

No-Bake Pineapple Biscuit Pudding- Always steals the limelight!

This is a simple pudding with custard poured over a combination of pineapple, candied cherries & nuts on a butter biscuit base. You cannot just go wrong with this one.

Suman Kuruvilla


  1. 1 cup Milk condensed milk Maedchen (Nestle) or   sweetened
  2. 4 cups Milk
  3. 100 gms Sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
  5. 3 Eggs
  6. 10 grams China Grass (finely chopped)
  7. 200 grams Milk Marie Biscuits /
  8. 2 cups Pineapple (finely chopped)
  9. 4 Tablespoons Cherries (finely chopped)
  10. 4 Tablespoons Cashewnuts (finely chopped)


60 mins
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    Cook china grass in 3/4 cup water.

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    Cook pineapple with 1 tablespoon sugar.

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    Prepare Custard- Mix condensed milk, milk and sugar well and then add beaten eggs to it (Keep it on medium heat and stir constantly, until it is thick.) Do not let the custard boil.

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    Add vanilla essence and cooked china grass to the custard while hot.

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    Arrange biscuits on a flat dish. Spread the cooked pineapple,  cherries and cashew nuts evenly on top of the biscuits. Pour the custard on top. Chill, decorate and serve.

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