Gulab jamoon fooding

Gulab jamoon fooding

Gulab jamoon fooding is very very cool and tasty dish.

Mohana Lakshmi


  1. 20 gulab jamoons
  2. 12 biscuts mari gold
  3. 50 Grams cashew nuts
  4. 1 Litre milk
  5. 100 Grams sugar
  6. 2 Tablespoons custard powder
  7. 12 bread slices
  8. 2 Tablespoons ghee


60 mins
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    Prepared gulab jamoons and remove the gulab jamoons from sugar syrup and let them cool.(mix the gulab jamoon powder with milk)

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    Kept the milk on stove and let it boil, after boiling add sugar to it and mix the custard powder with cool milk and add it in to boiling milk, stir it well and till it turns in to a thick consistency.

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    Switch off the stove and let it cool.Toast the bread pieces with ghee both sides and cut in to four pieces.

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    Cut the jamoons in to two pieces and take a big bowl or tray, first arrange the half of biscuits in the bowl and kept bread pieces and again arrange the jamoon pieces roundly on bread pieces and pour the custard cream on them.

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    And again arrange same layer and lastly decorate with fried cashew nuts and cover the bowl with plate. Kept the bowl and deep freeze in refrigerator for 2 hours and remove the bowl and serve it cool cool to your loved ones.

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