Dry fruit new year cake

Dry fruit new year cake

Very very yummy and tasty cake

Mohana Lakshmi


  1. 200 gm Flourmaida :
  2. 1 pinch Salt :
  3. 2 Baking powder tea : spoons
  4. 1 Baking soda tea : spoon
  5. 1 cup Milk :
  6. 1 cup Water :
  7. 1 Orance juice : fruit
  8. 100 gm dates Dry pieces :
  9. 50 gm Almond pieces :
  10. 50 gm grapes Dry :
  11. 150 gm Cherry pieces :
  12. 100 gm Cashew nut pieces :
  13. 2 tea Venilla esence : spoons
  14. 300 gm Condensed milk :
  15. 2 Chacolate chips : table spoons
  16. 100 gm Butter :


50 mins
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    Take a bowl and add one by one all the dry ingredients and mix well.

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    .Than add condensed milk,milk,water,orange juice and melted butter one by one and mix well.

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    Than add all dry fruits, cherries, chocolate chips and stir them well.

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    Kept the sand plate on stove and heat it, than take the general oven and grease it with ghee and sprinkle with flour.

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    Add the cake mix in to the oven and cover the oven.And cook the cake in a low flame on sand and cook it 30 to 35mis.

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    And off the stove and cool it for 20mins and remove the cake from the oven and decorate with cream and fruits as you wish and kept it in refrigerator for 30mis and enjoy the cake.

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