This dish is very simple to make. You can serve it any time you like. Shakshuka meaning mixure or "Shake" is quite popular in Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Israel and Palestine. I made a Indian version of it by adding some vegetables, my favorite is swiss chard and feta cheese.

Habadhaba Baba


  1. 4 Eggs
  2. 16 oz Tomatoes cans
  3. 1/2 Onion
  4. ts 1 Masala Mix Spices
  5. 2 oz Feta cheese
  6. ts 1/2 Cumin seed


20 mins
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    Saute onions for 5 mts in little oil.

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    Add cumin. Add Tomatoes cook 3 mts.

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    Add Masala. Cook 5 minutes.

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    Crack 4 eggs. and cook covered 5 mts.

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    Add feta cheese crumbled

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    Sprinkle chopped parsely or cilantro.

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    Serve with Roti or Naan.

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