Pink pedas/milk fudge

Pink pedas/milk fudge

Delicious milk peda the cheat way..takes about 15-20 mins..



  1. 30 grams Butter
  2. one tin Condensed milk
  3. 1   1/2 cups Milk powder
  4. 1/4 cups cashew nuts Powdered
  5. pinch cardamom Powdered a
  6. Saffron for decoration
  7. Cashew nuts for decoration


20 mins
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    Place butter in large/deep microwave bowl and melt it.

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    To this melted butter add the condensed milk, milk powder and powdered nuts and mix well

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    Heat the mixture in the microwave for one min, thn checking and again heat- repeat around 4 times.

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    The mix will thicken n resemble like idli batter.

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    Add cardamom powder mix n let th mix cool down.

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    Grease ur palms with butter generously and knead it well.

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    Make balls or any shape of ur choice and decorate with saffron n nuts.

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