Jam Milk Shake

Jam Milk Shake

Hmm..yummy :P .. what are you waiting for, try these milkshakes with your favourite fruit combination and  shake it off!

Joh Miljo


  1. 4 - 5 tbsps Jam (as per choice) .
  2. 1 litre Milk
  3. Sugar (optional)
  4. Fresh Cream
  5. scoops Vanilla Strawberry Ice-cream (as per choice) or
  6. Cashew nuts crushed
  7. Raisins


10 mins
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    Initially, blend the jam with half a cup of milk.

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    Then add the remaining milk and fresh cream to the blender and blend it well.

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    Adjust the sugar. Condensed milk can also be a choice for sugar.

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    Add the Ice-cream scoops and garnish it with nuts & raisins.

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