Indian flat bread (chappathi)

Indian flat bread (chappathi)

Indian flat bread is also popularly known as chappathi

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  1. 2 Cups wheat flour
  2. Water


20 mins
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    Mix water with flour as needed.Instead of water, you can also use yoghurt or milk. The dough must be smooth and just the right softeness - medium. Keep adding water/ yoghurt/ milk as required and continue to knead till you get the right consistency.

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    After it is done, cover and set it aside for 10-15 minutes to rest.

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    Divide the dough into equal portions, roughly the size of a golf ball. Roll between your palms, applying a gentle pressure, till the balls are smooth and without cracks.

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    Roll them into 4"to 6" circles. Lightly coat on both sides with flour to prevent the dough from sticking as you roll the Chapati.

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    Heat a pan on a medium flame and put the rolled out Chapati on it to cook.

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    Use a spatula to turn it on to its other side.

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