Chakka Halwa-(Jack fruit Halwa)

Chakka Halwa-(Jack fruit Halwa)

Jack Fruit is KING of all fruits.I made this halwa in my home for my wife n 2.5 yr old Daughter,which jack fruit available in Chennai Local Market i used that,but our typical Kerala Jackfruit (Varikka or Then Varikka) is better than this Tamilnadu Chakka.

Sarin Varghese


  1. 10 pc Chakka Chula  (Jackfruit Pcs)-
  2. 100 gm Sugar -
  3. 100 gm Jaggery -
  4. 1 pinch Cardamom powder -
  5. 20 pcs Cashew nut -
  6. 20 pc kismis -
  7. 50 ml Ghee -
  8. 250 ml water -


30 mins
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    Heat a iron kadhai on medium flame

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    Put ghee and nuts in the kadhai tossed along with fruit

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    Then put sugar and water

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    Now heat this on high heat and let the fruit mashed.

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    Add Jaggery at the time and keep mixing them.

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    Finally put the cardamom powder and little ghee then mix it well.

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    At a stage it will leave the sides of the kadai like a normal halwa.

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