Golden Fried Jumbo Prawn

Golden Fried Jumbo Prawn

It is a mouth watering Evening snack made with Jumbo Prawn,Tiger Prawn or Medium Prawn.

Sarin Varghese


  1. 6 No Prawn or Jumbo Prawn Tiger - (Cleaned and Deveined with tail)
  2. Salt Ginger garlic and paste for first marination
  3. Prawn Batter for
  4. 100 gm Maida -
  5. 100 gm Corn flour -
  6. 1 Egg -
  7. to taste Salt
  8. Refined oil


20 mins
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    Apply Salt and Ginger Garlic paste to the Prawn

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    After that make a thick flour batter,see the ingredients and quantity.

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    Heat sufficient oil in a wok, dip marinated prawns in the batter by holding the tail and deep-fry on medium heat, turning frequently, for two to three minutes or until crisp and golden brown in colour.

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    Serving it with your favorite sauce,sweet chilly  or Hot Garlic sauce.

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