Mix Puttu(Colored Steamed Cake)

Mix Puttu(Colored Steamed Cake)

Puttu aka “rice steamed cake” is one of Kerala’s traditional breakfast item. Kerala Puttu is usually served with Banana, pappadam or Kadala curry.
Puttu is one of the favorite breakfast in Kerala which is also very easy to make. Now days you can even buy ready to use puttu powder (flour) in all the stores. There are many variants of puttu Powder like Raw rice,Brown rice(kerala rice),Raagi,Corn and Wheat.Here is the recipe for making the Tri Color Puttu.
This Puttu  made by 5 type flours

Sarin Varghese


  1. 2 cups Rice Flour White -
  2. 2 cups rice(kerala rice)flour Red -
  3. 2 cups flour Yellow (corn)-
  4. 2 cups Raagi -
  5. 2 cups Wheat -
  6. 3/4 to 1 cups Coconut Grated –
  7. 1/2 – 3/4 cups Water –
  8. Salt


30 mins
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    1.In a large bowl, take all 5 type puttu powders and sprinkle water on the flour separately, same method for all flours(Be careful in mixing water. The perfect combination of water and rice powder gives the good result).

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    Add salt to taste and mix it thoroughly with hand. (It should be a bread crumb consistency and not form a dough.)

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    In a Puttu Kutti (Puttu making vessel -Steamer,easily available in the market) add 1 litre water to the bottom vessel of the puttu maker and allow to simmer till hot. Place the round perforated disc with holes inside the puttu maker such that it fits well at the bottom of the mould.

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    Place 1 layer of grated coconut at the bottom of the puttu maker. Carefully and slowly add about 4 tbsps of the puttu powder from a height followed by another layer of grated coconut. Again you can layer with 4 tbsps of other puttu powder from a height followed by another layer of grated coconut and finally you can layer with 4 tbsps of other puttu powder and finish off with 1 layer of grated coconut on the top. Place the lid over the puttu mould and place the mould over the bottom vessel...

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    Steam it for 10 minutes.

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    Serve hot with Black Channa (Brown Chicpea,Kadala Curry), Boiled Green gram (Cheru payar) with Pappad,Mutta (Egg) Curry or Steamed banana,or ripe yellow banana

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