Pavakka varuval / Bitter gourd fry

Pavakka varuval / Bitter gourd fry

I swear it won't taste bitter.
Kids will love to crunch this as a snack. Best served with hot rice, as a side dish for kootu and rasam. Store the dried veggie in a air tight container, fry it and serve hot.

Swathika Dhanabalan


  1. 2 Kilograms Pavakkai Bitter gourd /
  2. 1 Teaspoon Red chilli powder
  3. Water
  4. Salt
  5. Oil


5 mins
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    Cut the Pavakkai / Bitter gourd into small cubes, boil it water and salt until soft.

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    Drain the water and transfer to a plate. Dry it in sunlight (2-3 days)until it loses all the water and become hard.

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    Once dried, you can store it in a air tight container for months. Please note that 2kg bitter gourd once dried yields only a cup, however when fried, you will get twice the quantity.

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    Heat oil in a pan, add the dried Pavakkai / Bitter gourd, add pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon red chilli powder. Fry it for 1 min in low fire.

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