Onion chilly mash

Onion chilly mash

It is called "ulli-mulaku chathachathu" in Malayalam, or atleast that is what my mother calls it.
We used to prepare this at home some days during dinner to eat with rice, especially when we had travelled and there was no time to buy fresh vegetables or even cook. It is a very plain and quick recipe involving no cooking. The dinner can be enriched by taking a bite of any papad or chips alongwith this..I might be wrong with the measurements here, so please take appropriate precautions :-)

Vivek R Iyer


  1. Cup Tamarind
  2. 50 Grams Chillies Dry Red
  3. 10 Red onions


10 mins
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    Mix the required amount of dry tamarind in luke warm water and mash it up. Remove the seeds. Taste it see if the required amount of tangy taste has been obtained. Else add more tamarind.Keep this solution aside for some time.

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    Take the red chillies in a kadai with no oil and heat it until you literally start coughing and suffocating..ahem..until the chillies are real crisp. You might want only 4-5 pieces, so you can safely store the rest of the chillies for future use.

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    Mash the red onions into rough pieces either with your bare hands or using some appropriate blunt tools. Don't shred or cut into small pieces.

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    Add the red onions into the tamarind solution and mash with your bare hands. Also start tearing up the red chillies and add them to the solution. I suggest tasting the result until you reach the desired combination of material(onion),hot(chilly), tangy(tamarind) tastes.

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    Also water quantity can be varied if you prefer a watery result.

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