Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich

An any time pita pocket falafel stuffed sandwich, healthy, nutritious and yummy

Harkirat Uberoi


  1. 100 grams Channa Boiled Kabuli -
  2. 20 grams Coriander -
  3. 20 grams Leeks (green part only) -
  4. 10 Grams Parsley -
  5. to taste Salt -
  6. 2 grams White pepper powder -
  7. 3 grams Soda bi - carb - (if you want them a little fluffy) Oil - to frys


30 mins
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    Grind all together into a somewhat grainy texture, better to do in a stone grinder like we do for dosa batter.

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    Heat oil and fry even sized round dumplings, till they are of same color on all sides, do not over fry or they can turn bitter.

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    Open a pita bread into a pocket, stuff 3 or 4 crushed falafels, some french fries, a couple of slices of fried brinjals, a salad of lettuce and grated carrots, salt, cumin powder, paprika and squeeze in some Tahini, to make it hot, add some tabasco, and kids love it with a generous squeeze of ketchup also.

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    Roll it up and there you go...brekky / snacky on the move.

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