~ Tuna with Mushrooms ~

~ Tuna with Mushrooms ~

Unusual Combo Unusual Spices....A warm salad to substitute for lunch today.

Harkirat Uberoi


  1. 20 Millilitres Olive Oil
  2. 4 Grams ajwain Carrom ,
  3. 15 Grams Garlic , chopped
  4. 200 Grams Mushroom , sliced , canned
  5. 2 Grams Celery Salt
  6. 185 can Tuna , Grams
  7. 4 Grams Sumac


10 mins
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    In a wee heated olive oil, i threw in some Carom (ajwain), and Garlic.

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    Then some mushrooms and, sprinkled celery salt and tossed them up and around in a frenzy.

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    Added the Can of Tuna, and drizzled Sumac, allowed to get warmed up nicely, while i opened some lettuce leaves to munch along.

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    Had some great multi grain bread rolls to go along, just warmed 'em and snuggled into my comforter with the TV attached to my Lappy, seeing 3 idiots, once again.... Gud Times, Gud Laffs :) Gud Light Salad Lunch, for a change :)

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