Weekend Sunriser

Weekend Sunriser

If this cant wake me up to life, my weekend will go abegging !~

Harkirat Uberoi


  1. 15 - 20 5 Sprigs Basil , or leaves
  2. 10 Grams Ginger , young , crushed
  3. 1 Lime leaf
  4. 15 Grams Misri (sugar, optional)
  5. 500 Millilitres Water


10 mins
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    The home grown Ms Basil, Signor Ginger and Mme Lime leaf have a simmering tête-e-tête, along with the sweet little stewardess, Miss Misri, while I look up to the gathering grey wool, which may pour out even before I strain the liquor into my cup.

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    Yes, they are thundering above, my pan has begun to get the color, its a race now, who pours first.Nature wins naturally, my tea is good.

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    Sipping by the window, a sip of goodness, a splash of cool foam from the breeze weaving its way thru the drizzle...delightful !

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    All the ingredients in there are a measure as per choice, and as per the ayurveda of food, they are all cool, so even in summers these have a cooling effect, but you may strain and cool, pour over a glass full of ice cubes and add in those spirits that excite you to beat the heat with a smile.

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