Gosht Ellaichi

Gosht Ellaichi

A simple delectable sauce enriched with the charm of cardamom, I did it with lamb, u can try with Chicken, Mushrooms, Paneer or even Veggies of your choice.

Harkirat Uberoi


  1. 500 Grams Lamb Lean Boneless
  2. 40 Millilitres Sunflower Oil
  3. 3 red Chilli Whole
  4. 3 Cloves
  5. 10 Cardamom Green
  6. 1 Cardamom Black
  7. 2 " 5 Grams Cinnamon or stick
  8. 10 Cloves Garlic White
  9. 3 Onions Sliced
  10. 3 Green Chilli
  11. 5 Grams Salt
  12. 1 Teaspoon Red Chilli Powder
  13. 2 Grams Turmeric Powder
  14. 1 Tomato , large , roughly chopped
  15. 350 Grams Yoghurt Fresh
  16. 2 Grams Cardamom Powder
  17. 5 Millilitres Rose Water (optional)


60 mins
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    Heat oil and drop in 3 dried red chillies, 3 cloves and 10 Green cardamom, 1 black one and a 2" piece of Cinnamon.

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    In a minute later, tip in 10 cloves of White Garlic, 3 finely sliced onions, 3-4 sliced green chillies.

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    Bhunno them for while, add some salt, a tsp of red chilli powder and 1/3rd tsp of turmeric, bhunno again, add a large roughly chopped tomato and allow the masala to get a dark red color.

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    In goes the 500 grams of meat pieces, stir and make sure all pieces are sealed with the masala and the fat in the pot.

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    Cook on high flame for 5-6 minutes and pour in well beaten yoghurt about 350 grams, and then the flame whimpers to a simmer...allowing the yoghurt to blend into the masalas and get into the meat pieces as well.

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    This moment I sprinkled some ellaichi powder and rose water, and small bubbles allow the gravy to become rich and thicken as the onions melt into the sauce to give it a body. Enjoy with Tawa Parathas or Naan !

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