Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

A hearty, delicious soup that is incredibly easy to prepare.

Raveen Panday


  1. 200 Grams Mushroom
  2. To Taste Salt
  3. To Taste Pepper , crushed
  4. 1 Cup Fresh cream (optional)


15 mins
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    Wash, clean the mushrooms and cut the mushrooms. Smaller mushrooms can be left whole to add body to the soup.

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    Boil a pan of water. Add salt and pepper and boil mushrooms for at least 10 minutes.

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    Remove the mushrooms from the pan but don't throw the water away just yet.

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    If you have any whole mushrooms, keep them aside for the moment. Put the rest into a blender along with a cup of the water you used to cook the mushrooms. If you're using cream, add it in and blend until smooth. Add more water if required until you get the consistency you like.

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    Pour into serving bowls and add whole mushrooms if any.

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