Waah Tomato

Waah Tomato

Simple and spice.. good to open your taste buds

Sudheshini Kothwal


  1. 5 in numbers Tomato big
  2. 1 Tamrind pulp table spoon
  3. 1 Mustard powder table spoon
  4. 1 Cumin powder table spoon
  5. Termaric powder
  6. 7 - 8 in numbers Garlic Cloves
  7. Salt for tast
  8. 2 tablespoons Red Chilli powder


20 mins
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    Bluntly cut tomato into pieces and tamarind pulp and allow water evaporates

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    Add 3 table spoons on oil, 2 pinches of turmeric powder, add Cloves of garlic to the content and let it cook finely. Keep sauteing to avoid burning at the bottom

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    Add salt, chilly powder, mustard and cumin powder and mix well.

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    Serve it hot with rice, taste dominates with pure ghee combination.

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