Earl Grey Tea Milkshake

Earl Grey Tea Milkshake

I love Van Leeuwen’s Earl Grey ice cream . I miss it now that I am not in Brooklyn. I got creative and made a delicious milk shake that resembles the flavor of that ice cream. Earl Grey tea has bergamot which is a citrus fruit like an orange, so I thought the orange sherbet would go well and it did.

Nichelle Stephens


  1. 1 tea bag tea of Twinings Earl Grey
  2. 8 oz almond milk
  3. 2 scoops orange sherbet
  4. 1 banana frozen
  5. dash orange of A zest


10 mins
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    Use a small sauce pan to brew tea in  almond milk for 5 minutes

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    Chill tea in the fridge before adding to the blender

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    Place frozen banana, orange zest, sherbet in blender.

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    Add tea and blend using the smoothie button.

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