Kosha murgir mangsho (Stirred Chicken Curry...the Bong version)

Kosha murgir mangsho (Stirred Chicken Curry...the Bong version)

Murgi(Chicken) is a Bengali delight. And every household has its own way of preparation. To a gourmet however, every dish is unique and satisfying in its own way...

Shuva Kar


  1. 500 Grams Chicken Freshly cut
  2. 3 Onions (Medium Sized)
  3. 5 Potatoes (medium to large)
  4. 5 - 6 Green Chillies
  5. 4 - 5 Chillies Red
  6. 3 Tablespoons Ginger-garlic paste
  7. 10 Tablespoons Mustard Oil
  8. 1 Teaspoon Vinegar
  9. 1 Teaspoon Soya Sauce
  10. 1 Teaspoon Sugar
  11. 3 Teaspoons Turmeric
  12. 2 Teaspoons Cumin powder
  13. Number Cumin seeds Few
  14. to taste Salt
  15. 1.5 Teaspoons Garam Masala
  16. Number Cilantro leaves Few
  17. 2 - 3 Bay Leaves Indian
  18. 2 - 3 Tomatoes
  19. 3 Tablespoons Curd Sour


60 mins
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    Mince the onions, tomatoes, red and green chillies.

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    Cut the potatoes into halves. Mix them with little turmeric.

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    Mix the chicken with 5 Tbspns of mustard oil, remaining turmeric, cumin powder, cumin seeds, onions, tomatoes, chillies, ginger-garlic paste, vinegar, soya-sauce, bay leaves(torn to pieces),sour curd.

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    After the mixture has been prepared well, place it under refrigerated/ non refrigerated with lid closed and allow it to marinate for 30-45 minutes

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    Fry the potato slices in mustard oil with lid closed till they become soft.

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    Put the mixture along with the fried potatoes and continue stirring on a medium-low flame intermittently with lid closed, so that the chicken becomes soft.

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    Add little amounts of water each time and finally submerge the entire content in water and allow it to be cooked for around5-15 mins (The higher time allowed for marination the lower time will it take to cook)

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    Garnish it with Garam Masala and cilantro leaves.....and keep it closed for about 3-5 minutes

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    Serve hot with ghee on white rice

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