Diamond cuts

Diamond cuts

Diamond cuts coated with sugar is a very common sweet found in Kerala especially around Christmas time.

Priyanka Viswanathan


  1. 2 Cups All Purpose Flour Plain Flour Wheat Flour / /
  2. Water to knead the dough
  3. 2 Cups Oil for frying
  4. 1 Cup Sugar for coating


30 mins
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    Mix all purpose flour with small quantities of water until you get a tight, even surfaced dough. Make sure not to make it watery. Make sure the dough is of right consistency (tighter than the chapatti dough).

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    Leave this dough for half an hour.

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    Now divide the dough to make small balls and roll them using a chapatti role to make chapattis or sheets.

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    Now cut these chapattis or sheets into diamond shapes by running a sharp knife diagonally from left first and then cutting diagonally from right.

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    Heat oil in a pan and in low medium heat, deep fry till diamond cuts puffs up and edges begin to turn golden brown. Now remove the diamond cuts and strain in a paper towel.

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    Note: Make sure that you dont touch the diamond cuts with hand while trasfering it into oil for fryting. Use a knife to slide the diamond cuts through the cutting board into the oil.

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    Sugar syrup for coating Heat sugar and water and stir it continuously until it thickens to a consistency that will help to coat the fried diamond cuts.

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    Once the sugar syrup has reached the required consistency add the diamond cuts and coat it with the sugar syrup. Let it cool and you can transfer to a serving dish or into a air tight container.

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    Note: Getting the right consistency of sugar syrup is tricky affair! So it is better to handle small quantities as a start.

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