Eggless Milk Pudding

Eggless Milk Pudding

Eggless milk pudding. So easy to make. No need of Oven.

Parvathy Paaroos


  1. 10 Grams Agar agar
  2. 1 Litre MIlk
  3. To Taste Contensed


20 mins
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    Soak the china grass in hot water for 30 minutes

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    Boil the milk in a pan. Sim the flame and add contensed milk. Keep stirring. Add the contensed milk to taste. If you feel that the sweetness is enough, you can sto pouring te contensed milk. Keep stirring tiil the mixture starts to get thicker.

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    Keep stirring and add the soaked China Grass mixture. Filter the China Grass mixture if you see fibres. Keep stirring till the whole mixture becomes thicker. Turn the flame off. Pour the mix to a deep vessel. Put it under fan for cooling.

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    It is ready to serve! You can use caramel/nuts/fruit toppings if needed.

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