An all time favourite malabar sweet dish made of layers of eggs and bananas (plantains). One of the popular ifthar snacks in our place.  Must try!!👍👍



  1. 8 nos Egg
  2. 3/4 cup Sugar
  3. 4 Banana (plantain) - medium
  4. 4 tbsps Milk
  5. 2 Elaichi powder - a pinchGhee tbspsNuts a handfulOil for frying


30 mins
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    Cut bananas into circular discs(neither too thin nor too thick) and deep fry them in oil till golden brown. Keep this aside.

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    Whisk eggs nicely. Add milk, sugar,elaichi powder and whisk well till properly combined.

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    Pour ghee into a medium sized non stick pot. Swirl the pot well so that ghee is spread all over the pot. Keep in vry low flame.

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    Add one fourth of the egg mixture. Cover and let it cook till the top starts getting firm (say 7-8 mins). Then arrange the fried banana pieces in concentric circles sprinkle some crushed nuts and let this layer  cook on low flame till nice and firm.

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    Then pour egg mixture and repeat the layers.  When all the layers are cooked and firm enough,  transfer this onto a plate and again place it back upside down into the pot so that the top part is cooked (for 5 mins dont ovetcook or burn it!)

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    Serve it hot..enjoy!!

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