Saoji chicken curry

Saoji chicken curry

Savji (or Saoji) food has cult following in many parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka, India. Saoji food is known for its hot and spicy flavor.There were many 'Saoji bhojanalaya' in Nagpur which used to serve extremely hot and spicy non-veg preparations in my collage days. It used to be so hot that me and some of my friends had to request the cook to tone down the spices so that we can properly enjoy the meal.



  1. Kale Mire (Black pepper corns)
  2. Lavang (Clove)
  3. Dagadphul
  4. jira Shahi (Black Cumin Seeds)
  5. Tejpan (Bay leaf)
  6. Badi elaechi (Black Cardamom)
  7. Elaechi (Cardamom)
  8. Dalchini (Cinnamon)
  9. Khuskhus (Poppy seeds)
  10. Mirchi Sukhi Lal (Dried Red Chilly)
  11. Sukha khobara (Dried coconut powder)
  12. Jowar peeth (Sorghum/Milo)
  13. Jira (Cumin Seeds)
  14. Coconut oil
  15. Onion Chopped
  16. Ginger
  17. Garlic
  18. Turmeric Powder
  19. Chicken pieces
  20. Chicken broth
  21. Salt


40 mins
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    First we will prepare the masala. The curry masala is the soul of any Saoji curry preparation. This is what sets Saoji apart from other curry preparation.

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    Slow roast following in a skillet or a pan on a low flame. - Black pepper corns, Clove, Star Anise, Black Cumin Seeds, Bay leaf, Black Cardamom, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Poppy seeds, Dried Red Chilly, Dried coconut powder,Sorghum flour

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    You can add more spices if you like and experiment with the taste. We can also experiment with the quantities of each one of these and find your perfect taste.

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    SLOW ROAST is the keyword here. If the masala is burnt then everything will be spoiled and you will get bitter taste in the curry. I added the jowar peeth little latter to prevent over roasting/burning.

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    Roast till you get a nice flavorful smell and all moisture is gone.

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    Let the roasted masala cool down a bit and then grind it in a grinder to make a coarse powder.

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    Now our masala is ready we can move on to preparing the curry. - Heat oil in a pan put some jeera (groundnut oil, coconut oil, etc. can be used) - Fry finely chopped onion, ginger and garlic till onion gets pink - Add little turmeric powder - Add chicken pieces and fry them for some time

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    Add the masala we prepared earlier

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    Add water or chicken broth if you have

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    Add salt to taste

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    Let it cook on medium/low flame for about 20 min

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    The simmering causes oil to break out. Don't worry this oil is also part of the fun. :)

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    And we are done!

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    Serve hot and enjoy with jowar roti and sliced onion and green chilly on the side.

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